February 3, 2009

Finding the Perfect Mojito

Willow Paule Photography is having an open house on friday the 13th and i am trying to find the best mango mojito recipe. bacardi rum says "like the endless fields of sugarcane and the rows of rich tobacco, a drink called the mojito seemed to spring up from the cuban heartland and capture the soul of its people. by the mid-1920’s, the mojito was, unofficially at least, the national drink of cuba." that description is earthy and i like earthy stuff...perhaps that's why i like mojitos? you can read more about them here. trained chef (and my friend) rebekah will be catering the event and another friend tamara will be mixing up the drinks. we'll have a backdrop set-up with lighting and fun props and they'll be free portraits to celebrate willow paule photography's grand opening. photos of the festivities will follow.